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Holy Week Book - Friday Services

Holy Week Book - Friday Services
This book is 279 pages long and contains all of the services that take place on Holy Friday: The Service of the Hours, The Removal from the Cross, and the evening (Matins) service. Learn about the day that is said to be one of "joyful sadness" and read about Christ's proceeding to Hades as He begins to free all of humanity.

The evening service is presented in Greek and in English (on the right side of the book) along with commentary throughout the entire service (on the left side of the book) which will give you insight as to the significance and importance of each step of this beautiful service.

Holy Week is a time that can change your life. The question is; will you let it? In so many areas of our lives, we make sure that we have a yearly check up. Whether it is in regards to our health, our finances or our job, we are very conscientious about “staying on top of things”. However, when it comes to our “spiritual health”, we oftentimes are not so diligent. That is why our faith starts out Holy Week with The Bridegroom Services which highlight the parable of the Bridesmaids who were not ready when the Bridegroom returned. It is a reminder to us to be prepared and vigilant, no matter what our age is. What is so wonderful about Holy Week is that our faith offers so much to all of us to help us wherever we are in our spiritual life. The Services, Holy Unction, Holy Confession, the Hymns, Fasting, The Resurrection, Prayer and so much more, are all offered to us so that we can stay strong and continue to grow in our spiritual lives.

One of the keys to getting the most out of Holy Week is to understand what is happening while we are attending the services of Holy Week. Otherwise, another Holy Week will come and go and we will slowly start slipping backwards in our spiritual lives. As I found out when writing, “Guide to The Divine Liturgy”, there was a lot that I simply didn’t understand about Holy Week. The good news is that like everything else in our faith, Holy Week is so well thought out and so beautifully offered up to the faithful that once you understand it and apply what you've learned, your life will be changed. I hope that the "Guide to Holy Week" books help you and your loved ones understand the beauty and the depth of this incredible week and help you as you continue along your spiritual journey and that when the day does come and the Bridegroom does return, you will be waiting… ready.

Softback Book - 6 x 9 - 279 pages

Price: $19.95

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