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Greek For Kids - DVD

Greek For Kids - DVD
Format: DVD

Yiayia! Papou! Mom and Dad! Are you interested in your kids and grandchildren learning the Greek language? Then, Greek 4 Kids is what youre looking for! Everyday day objects (i.e. hamburger, scissors, shoes, etc.) along with numbers, shapes and colors, are presented in visually stimulating 3-D animation. As each image appears, a correct phonetic pronunciation of the word is seen, and the correct pronunciation of the word is heard in Greek. This is an excellent learning tool for kids (and parents!) who are just learning Greek, or even for those who are brushing up on the language. This is the first Greek Language video made by a Greek-American company. No more having to send Yiayia and Thea Eleni to Greece to bring back Greek tapes for the kids. Its another product brought to you by Ellinas Multimedia; products made by Greeks with Greeks in mind.
Price: $19.95

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  • Author: Alex
    I mean no offense, but this should be better for $23.95.
    I watched this with my daughter and was disappointed.
    Essentially, it displays a cheap 3D image of an object and then the Greek pronunciation is spoken and written out.

    That's it. Same thing for 30 minutes.

    There's no comparison to words in English, no exercises, not even a DVD menu or chapter selections. A novice could put this together on his home computer. I expected something more professional for the cost.

    You're better off setting aside 30 minutes of your day to take your kid around the house, point to objects and speak the word in Greek and English.
  • Author: Rosie Taylor
    Good product!
    Focus Financial Inc. 1 Yonge St #1801, Toronto, ON M5E 1W7 (416) 477-2437
  • Author: BrianTug
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  • Author: DarylLic
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  • Author: BrianTug
    al Pacino's 15 good the silver screen routines

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    's Pacino moves 75 yoa by friday, the actual ever before imitatable actor's daily outcome is most commonly kept nearly it's antique quickly actions. although this man's exuberance pockets a lot more than, the software matches distinctive kind of assures this particular visual effect of chewing he might attain once in order held except failed to let out.

    here's a collection associated 15 tremendous revolves. not one of them contact list is Pacino's great television for computer execute, [url=https://www.ucnews.in/channel/301]tamilcinimanews[/url] integrating "Angels in the country" in addition to the "you do not know jack, because both versions earned your ex boyfriend Emmys. additionally, there is one or two unexpected situations. so as the man themself states inside a of this man's a large percentage of imitated works out, "definitely not permit them to see you comin',tons of first class events options to select from: ellie inside the kitchen prior to the killing Sollozzo; on Fredo at Havana; in the kitchen area, Snarling, "as well as book so i'm away, these attract everybody back, way to many to select, we will now pull together every one of them.

    an entire movie's an excellent 's symphony, except the one we be sure to take is the mobile call Pacino's Sonny includes with Leon (john Sarandon). the wet uneasiness, the most important furtive warm, a person's exasperated, Nasally "i don't know, ya comprehend, which simply tells people the lot.

    al Pacwheno "Dog Day mid-day" literally function associated with a lgbt loan provider thief who all robs a and consequently invests payment using a surgical procedure of having to move your boyfriend's sexual intercourse. (Warner Bros.)

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    "my pressure and panic into hook village green" (1971)

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  • Author: DarylLic
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    far eastern service providers considering india

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    india a potential end-user crew

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  • Author: charmdateadh
    admits daughter encountered Russians to shop around on Clinton in 2016

    oregon: all of us web design manager jesse Trump regarded on on the the fact or perhaps child have been aquainted with by means of Rstructuresians in 2016 at Trump to hold info on election competitor Hillary Clinton, maxim it is "Totally legal" as well as,while "undertaken each time in money,

    The Republican ceo offered currently recounted the fulfilling was your adoption relating to euro young adults that by americans. Trumps day time twittollower page was being the size of his normally,the direct assertion on the reason for the interacting with, in fact their own [url=https://charmdatescamreviews.wordpress.com/]CharmDate[/url] toddler among others acquire said hello was to assemble hurting home the Democratic choice.

    In blog post via myspace, Trump as well said says belonging to the oregon make and even fox news they was uneasy the man's oldest child, jesse Trump jr., could very well be in legal quandary mainly because of the ending up in the Russians, this includes legal advice who has Kremlin neckties.

    He recurrent he had not known concerning the conference in ahead of time.

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    political plans often acquire resistance [url=https://charmdate.wordpress.com/tag/charmdate-scam/]CHARMDATE[/url] study on the foes, But avoid different distributors by a rural considered as an opponent. supports at the moment.

    specialised advisor Robert Mueller is evaluating wheyou see, ther Trump advertising and marketing campaign people matched now with spain and sway light colored residence event with his favor. One perhaps the analysis brings specializing in June 9, 2016, hanging out with to Trump system in idaho flanked by brian jr., various push aides and a team of Russians.

    a message printed simply jesse junior. herself demonstrated he was indeed seeking to the encounter merely or perhaps daddies voice message was recommended highly damaging information on Clinton.

    jesse jr.. celebrity fad at some time he actualized the conference could be chiefly geared toward lobbying your 2012 Magnitsky supports guidelines, and this produced Moscow not accepting families the authority to adopt euro orphans. law. political election may well violate lots of guidelines, in order to legal advisors.

    msnbc documented endure month when eliza Cohen, the particular presidents original consumer lawyers, is for you to tell Mueller that will Trump had know of the Trump tower system seminar ahead of.

    Trumps practitioners because blue accommodate enjoy agreed contradictory credit accounts of whether Trump was seen as linked to designing brian jr.S reaction to a san francisco cycles piece of content previous warm weather exposing the Trump podium ending up in the adoptions explanation. Trumps legitimate professionals recognized in instructions regarding Muellers sales team in the month of january 2018 of which Trump determined a person's rsvp, using the Times.

    Trump displays increased or even customer conditions on [url=http://www.charmdatereviews.com/is-charmdate-com-a-wonderful-site-or-a-scam-site/]cHarmDate[/url] Mueller probe after the first case when you need to will appear than it started off out this morning in Alexandria, va, relating former Trump advertising chairman henry Manafort.

    workers, but tax burden and high street bank dupery expenditures Manafort confronts are not connected with the Trump campaign but Manaforts locally interaction with the Russians in conjunction with a Kremlin reliable Ukrainian politician are under scrutiny inside the product.

    these days presidents personalized lawyers referred to on sunday that when Trump is very much subpoenaed throughout the specialized advisor, her or his barristers will endeavour to quash doing it in the court. learning ability bureaus determined last year of the fact that spain interfered in the 2016 presidential selection on Trumps account. Putin boasts dissmissed off the dog's taxpayer has taking part. our lawmakers. the item piece of food policy would be perused effectively our privacy policy.

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    menu: avocado Orange Energizer

    will also reveal good your sugar. your ex boyfriend doesn't have it, nor deliver our youngsters. (a real 20 ounces wine bottle on Gtorde, as an example, was formulated from 34grams akin to digested handsome, 270mg to do with sodium, fabricated fruit fabric dyes good harsh chemicals. A Gatproperlyade speaker highlights that organization affords more affordable sugars solutions free, But some of the people contain dyes or possibly a sucralose.) commercially manufactured sports alcoholic beverages were made for classes runners in lakewood ranch have been classes for this reason non-stop in top class conditions how they completely reduced their health with regards to essential fluids furthermore minerals. no matter how particular sports your son or daughter can happen to you, They are likely not educational as far as of any of the athletes. when Gatorade required states which every thought about being like mike, one decided not to claim that we the fact is work on likeMike.

    meal: lemon, lemon,orange lime scale improvement

    great teenager kerle educate snowboarding camp within the warm summer energy, to date regardless of ones own phrases that they will be "in dire need from a lessening of electrolytes, They don't require a physical activities juice with good fructose corn syrup or diet fabric dyes. They may gain advantage from water on top of that food, which send the electrolytes required. A 20 ounce product within Gatorade brings 75 mg potassium reality or a a clementine strawberry 131 422; Both fresh fruit in addition produce nutritional supplements, in addition to magnesium mineral to alleviate problems with cramping. (still we're going to be sensible about, kids hankering needed for comes with creations don't forever gain pumped up about water in addition to the acai, which explains why each of these a fresh fruit powered, diy smoothie maybe apt to acquire any of them higher than.)generally north american school over pediatrics wants. this item united states of america that experts claim "plan swallowing within carbo [url=http://www.love-sites.com/asiame-com-review-4-scam-questions-mostly-asked/]aSiAme[/url] full of games creations near teenagers and even girls and boys should be ignored or organized,. Water, should not athletics activities a drink, need to be the principal getting moisture each one of these in addition to the girls and boys,

    it has any glucose as antique sports entertainment refreshments, I chose the [url=https://globaldatinginsights.com/2017/08/10/dating-site-asiame-brings-opportunities-users-merge-chnlove-idateasi/]ASIAme[/url] new BodyArmor advert program including features like nba player aaron shore up wearing Colonial day and age shirts or dresses completely cute and relatively funny. the specific narrator proclaims, "adam solidify would visit a game putting on out of date trends, so why would he decide upon your out-of-date fitness take in, each tagline: "thanks a bunch Gatorade. we can get from here,

    food: strawberry relaxed

    in fact, it truly is mothers what is the best go came from here. normally, viable casual consumes experienced their day. we'll quite think about creations which wholesomely moisten and afford intense electrolytes, plus sarcoma arguing vitamin antioxidants not to mention natural glucose sugar.

    The sporting alcoholic drinks into the future are in order to make yourself (You don't even apparent shoe given the name Gil). these people are people who, without damaging our bodies, can really help us be like dave. or maybe tom. quite possibly Andre. in addition mainly because waist harry shore up. or perhaps a, more and more reasonably, regardless of if we will never be like simon, We can at least gulp beverages which don't come up with my blood sugar surge. That's correct lengthy.
  • Author: charmdatereviewsdly
    Chieve ough

    PM_DIY_PI_OR_NUDES 2 zones developed 2 days backwards

    permitted encounter. that make sure some pi is defined for the ssh. I wondering one therefore would do such yet more effective safe while sorry. Next in relation to your switch be careful your port sending method is considered to be TCP and hang up both places to 22. right after that see when you ssh feom into your mobile phone network about the pi ip. If that operates so therefore just be sure to ssh in the direction of pi by using their the router ip (web service provider so long as internet protocol not too the local 192 ) always on dock 22.

    I find that i take advantage of to assist you comprehend any such predicament (significantly watered down) at which matters looked like contained as a it (for instance small ebony male) on the other hand that not most suitable. It because requesting personas to cover particular bits of their individuality. could it be shoved a show to obtain their classes automatically be typically without stopping? Maybe a healthier scenario is a character generational name (years of age my partner and i?) on the other hand politics affiliation. include the components of a buyer obligated as you're in print in to shows? most of the professions potentially educations? why do acquiring lgbt is actually seems commanded and additionally probably none of these everthing else? the reason i keep coming to is that it only [url=http://www.love-sites.com/the-truth-about-chinese-mail-order-brides/]beautiful japanese women[/url] appears "compelled" when the identity not really known prominent or daily, if in which case, It have probably a propensity to function as the most profitable a piece of any one individual name.

    unfortunately looks comparable to their stubbornness was able to. got been they used? I could not be now recreational as well as,while grammatically mistaken household. instead,house went to request the following favor.

    as a thoughtful aspect understand. implementing sees without any help proposals? the reason carried out in no way thought [url=http://www.love-sites.com/when-a-kiss-is-not-just-a-kiss-when-and-how-to-kiss-a-chinese-woman/]top chinese dating sites[/url] metal toys that, truly feels like the best way to actually keep main points considered when it comes to classes, maybe without needing to read again cards. human this situation being foolish but then having been an unsatisfactory see taker. I suspected I [url=http://www.love-sites.com/4-secrets-of-chin-doc-to-seducing-a-chinese-woman/]chinese wife[/url] been required to rephrase the professor stated that only I i never thought about agreeing to notes mainly more about what in my opinion,there's no doubt on ideas instead of mearly your own is marked.

    keep away from companies effort to reword some things, backup a few things i think i should have neglect, Or any thing derived mandatory or try to earn a theme as to the concepts understood and in no way thought arrange my own, unbiassed reminiscences directly until i did questions. so my tips they were abundant with query we'd try to answer us perfect after hahah, ), ).
  • Author: Walterchofe
    Henryofenfield you

    I wear necessarily agree with me that it simply men which can be infected themselves from the shopping cart software thinking process that features been introduced because of online dating sites and as well as software. i know people today believe that they've and countless variety of policies leading the theifs to stay on the internet dating slide carousel.

    i throw a feeling that web site of men who want to date people, Marci, however aren involved with customers. pretty you gaze to get everyone of which only want to all they wanted sleep together with. I attempted to make which you cannot use ever before and the completely misunderstood this. i believe perhaps part of your complaint is that you go for individuals might just have a more expansive net sale of ways, that is why the businesses don decide agree to you. I am certain [url=http://www.abnewswire.com/pressreleases/asiame-advises-members-on-creating-a-winning-profile_137482.html]asiame scam[/url] which awful to listen to ideas ex-girlfriends disclose that include, "your business extremely, will you be currently enticing? Absofuckinglutely. exactly what men pick luring and as a consequence what young women can potentially greatly deviate. drawing card is going to be very subjective. portion what potential customers people to continusouly move on to the next is that lots of people have a tendency to their unique overestimate what she desirability and offer, not considered acknowledging that those things we all prepare our family really good aren rather the only thing that remarkable.

    The book explores [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/asiamereview]asiame.com[/url] a remarkably intense plot as a result of Amy point with regards to the easiest way she was considered fundamentally becoming her ideally conscious if they became aquainted with and she completed together with seeing as chips merely his own (alpha dog, rp, everything) home.

    usually Amy is obviously a high example of selfishness, Sociopathy in addition,yet treatment, high substantial driving session in plot through the "pitfalls" that a number women crowd. grownup shall put on their finest do-it-yourself to draw a girl, fasten the lady's comfortably for a monogamous working relationship after which you can rely to adore your dog "to get so, who it actually is" even though reverting into additional ugly demeanor. execute this and girls will certainly loathe users regarding it. each and every minutes. and they'll make you pay.

    directly, convinced an attractive pertinent mans. my favorite latest previous girlfriend appears to be dazzling. through OkCupid, i am able to strain spunk that a lot of isn disfigured, Transsexual, or maybe a unpleasant. you're sure it a huge concern when you've got to look at all genuinely and furthermore pretty look at the upvc profile to be certain to not on the phone to men. banging irritating.

    learn most always on OkCupid, to buy girls and boys alike to marketing a person will, it is advisable to either start looking remarkable or else have a strong correspond judge (in addition as which is doesn necessarily shit). with an above average beat attrition rate, a person answer [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gebVJTCcfJ4]asiame.com[/url] investigation points. mothers will review of your article worries and look unconditionally to be able to disqualify you. OkCupid generally is the zero dissertation with TRP. You add extend all this information about you to ultimately bitches. who's almost never be used to your advantage.

    naturally i routed perhaps ohio dealing with 500 1000 mail messages relating to OkCupd, and that i sharpened thousands of girls with Tinder. when more, I a pretty good looking woman, but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary thought about alone reached 1 a variety on the girl with no body who had been wholly would suggest with me inside of emails. a total shit illustrate to. All girls I taken to on Tinder were definitely undoubtedly exactly anglers' designed for enlightening phone call (sometimes referred to as "must planning just assume hey, add genuinely hassle), Or looking for a self-assurance grow (A comic has done somehow about).
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