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Shipping & Handling

Shipping and Handling notes:

Normal delivery of an order is 7-10 business days. During busy seasons, such as Christmas, delivery can take a few extra days. Also, depending on the weight of your order, we will ship using either US Mail or Fed Ex Ground services.

Accordingly, if you are ordering after December 12th, and need your order to arrive by Christmas, we highly recommend that you select an expedited service. If you choose normal shipping there is a chance your order will not arrive before Christmas.

If you request an expedited service such as Overnight, 2 day, or 3 day, please note that it takes 72 hours to process an order plus the Federal Express travel time. So, for example, if you order Fed Ex 2 day service, it will take 3 business days to process the order, plus the 2 business days for Fed Ex service. This means it will be a total of 5 business days before you receive your order. During rush seasons we will try and get the orders out quicker, however please use the above mentioned times for your calculations.

Also, our warehouse is closed during the weekend. So, please don't count weekend days in your calculations for delivery. If you order during the weekend, the order will begin being processed on Monday. Therefore the order will be processed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and will ship on Thursday and will be delivered according to whatever shipping method you've selected.

Please remember that shipping and handling costs represent the cost of the shipping service and the amount that we have to pay for the actual handling of your order (i.e. the person who picks, packs and ships your order and our call center costs). From time to t ime, we will receive a call from a customer wondering why the amount of postage on their package (shipping cost) is less than the what they paid for shipping and handling costs. We will then point out to the customer that they've forgotten to add in the "handling" portion of the costs in their calculations.

Lastly, from time to time, there may be weather delays or US Mail or Federal Express may mishandle an order. Please know that these circumstances are beyond our control and that we will due everything we can to make sure you are reimbursed if such an unseen event should occur.

Thank you and Happy Holidays from Ellinas Multimedia!